Streaming graphics intensive applications from any cloud, anywhere.


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Polystream is the world's first 3D, pixel perfect platform streaming graphics intensive applications. Free from the restrictions, hardware, and limitations of existing GPU streaming technologies, Polystream is completely redefining how businesses can instantly reach, engage and grow their customers from any cloud, at any scale, anywhere.

Founded by Adam Billyard (formerly Criterion, and EA) and Bruce Grove (formerly Tellme, Dell XPS, and OnLive), Polystream is a truly scale-on-demand streaming platform enabling businesses to deliver unmodified 3D applications to instantly engage with customers worldwide. No dedicated cloud infrastructure, no capacity constraints and no downloads – just pixel perfect content made accessible direct to their devices.


“App cloud streaming that actually works... what they are delivering is transformative.”

David lau-kee, general partner, London Venture Partners  |  may 2016



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