Streaming 3D games and applications from any cloud, anywhere.


Welcome to Polystream

Polystream runs the world’s biggest 3D games and applications, instantly,
with no downloads, no installs, anywhere in the world.

Unlike our competitors, who use really expensive servers,
we don’t stream to just a few hundred people, but to hundreds of thousands,
and not for dollars per user, but pennies, by using any server, anywhere.

Founded by Adam Billyard, formerly Co-Founder of Criterion and Creator of Renderware (acquired by Electronic Arts) and Bruce Grove, a Silicon Valley alumni formerly at Tellme, Dell XPS, and OnLive (acquired by Sony), Polystream's virtual GPU technology solves the problem that is streaming at scale.

Polystream is the scale of things to come!


“App cloud streaming that actually works... what they are delivering is transformative.”

David lau-kee, general partner, London Venture Partners  |  may 2016



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