Author: Bruce Grove

We got an Epic MegaGrant!

Epic MegaGrant Award Winner
Polystream’s big vision has always been to show how Command Streaming can dynamically improve how we deliver 3D interactive content from the cloud. It’s a huge evolution, not just in how Command Streaming is different to video-based approaches, but why it’s important for a wide variety...

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From the IoT to Metaverse

IoT to the Metaverse
From a Coke Machine to the Metaverse, via cloud gaming “The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.” Mark Weiser 1991 Stephenson, Le Guin, Adams, Clarke, Harrison, Gibson,...

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Everything old is new again

It’s five years since the world’s largest cloud gaming platform shut its doors. Here we are again, discussing a new generation of cloud gaming platforms that people think are different, and that somehow these ones are better set for success. This week’s announcement that Nvidia’s Geforce...

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