Do you love pushing the limits of what's technically possible? Is the impossible just another problem to be tackled? If YES, we’d love to talk to you!

We’re looking for talented, like-minded engineers to join us and help define the future of cloud streaming.

We value people who aren’t constrained to particular technologies or practices, but are eager to learn new things to overcome anything that stands in the way of delivering value.

You will thrive in an early stage startup that seeks to rewrite all previous assumptions about application streaming, and you will do that by delivering the world’s first truly scalable, ultra high definition cloud streaming technology. Importantly, you really want to be here from the start!

We’re based just 20 mins from London in the heart of Guildford, so you will be working in the home of some of the UK’s most inspiring video game and technology pioneers.

PLUS we have a really nice coffee machine!



Job – Senior Services Engineer

Location: Guildford, UK

Let’s talk about you: As a Senior Services Engineer you will work as part of a small, close-knit and ambitious development team to enhance their market leading cloud streaming technology.

Core responsibilities: 

  • Work as part of a small, flexible and highly committed software delivery team to aid in the development of a highly available, distributed cloud platform
  • Take ownership of platform areas from proof of concept to production
  • Apply the best combination of theory and practice to create the highest quality deliverables
  • Designing new functionality within the development team

We're looking for

  • 5+ years software development using C#.NET
  • Extensive experience developing RESTful services using WebAPI (or WCF)
  • Good understanding of cloud architecture
  • Experience writing high performance, multithreaded code (TPL/Native)
  • Experience with cloud management APIs, provisioning and release management
  • Practical experience in monitoring and maintaining large scale distributed systems
  • Working experience with cloud providers
  • Appreciation of distributed service architecture
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • An aptitude for problem solving
  • Ability to work independently or with very little supervision, and also to work effectively as part of a team

We'd be impressed with

  • Windows system administration/management
  • Network configuration
  • Hyper-V
  • Low level socket programming
  • Streaming protocols
  • Git (or other version control system)
  • TDD practices and frameworks
  • BDD frameworks
  • C++
  • DirectX/OpenGL/WebGL
  • WPF



Job – Senior Developer (multiple openings)

Location: Guildford, UK

Let’s talk about you: As a senior developer at Polystream you will be a leading example to the team building and delivering Polystream’s technology and platform. You're a highly capable developer having worked on a number of complex projects and delivered outstanding products. You will be a strong coder, capable of building a product from requirements to implementation.

We're looking for

  • 7+ years working in games or content technologies
  • 7+ years hands on coding C++
  • 5+ years in a senior development role, you have a proven track record in delivery of amazing pieces of work
  • Experienced in core and systems programming (PC, Windows)
  • Experienced in core graphics programming, escpecially Direct3D but ideally also including OpenGL, and WebGL
  • Experience of game engines and tools

we'd be impressed with

  • Understanding of Windows driver development
  • Understanding of virtualisation technology and implementation
  • Understanding of network topologies and network protocols, including but not limited to TCP, UDP, rUDP, RTP, RTSP and similar
  • Understanding of cloud architectures and platforms, both public and private
  • Understanding of data and analytics engineering
  • A love of games!


Job – Developer (multiple openings)

Location: Guildford, UK

Let’s talk about you: As a developer at Polystream you're just starting out and looking to work on new groundbreaking technologies that will challenge and completely change the world of game streaming and interactive media. You will be a capable coder, working on the product from requirements to implementation. You will aid in the design and evolution of the products, and you will see this as an amazing opportunity to develop your skills, learn new technologies, and grow as the team and company grows.


  • 2+ years hands on coding
  • Proficient in C++, C#, Java or similar
  • 2+ years in a development role, you have a  proven track record in delivery of amazing pieces of work


  • Understanding of games technologies, GPUs, game engines and associated tools
  • Understanding of network topologies and network protocols including but not limited to TCP, UDP, rUDP, RTP, RTSP and similar
  • Understanding of cloud architectures and platforms, both public and private
  • Understanding of data and analytics engineering, devops and netops technologies and skills
  • A love of games!
  • Most of all, you are excited to be part of a small but growing team, you are enthusiastic, you are constantly in awe of new technologies, and you want to be part of building something influential; YOU want to be creating those new technologies!


Jobs - Various

We have a number of open roles, so even if you don't see something that immediately has your name on it, we're always on the lookout for great people, and encourage you to put your name in our hat!

Do you have some, many, or all of the following?

  • A solid knowledge of C++, C#, Java.
  • A working knowledge of 3D mathematics.
  • Experience in graphics libraries and drivers including OpenGL, Direct 3D, WebGL.
  • Experience in low level audio and drivers
  • An understanding of game engines and tools.
  • Devops, Netops, Analytics.
  • Networking protocols, TCP/IP, UDP, reliable UDP, RTP
  • Public cloud service and architectures.
  • Strong problem analysis and critical thinking skills.
  • Experience of mobile or desktop platforms.
  • Knowledge of what a platform is? IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, GaaS (yes, really, GaaS).


  • Work on the next generation and shape the future of interactive streaming.
  • Prove that scalability isn’t an issue.
  • Work in games.
  • Travel the world.
  • Have bagels for lunch.

This is an opportunity to get involved at the most crucial and game changing (in every sense of the phrase) stage of a technology startup. We’re well backed by some of the best investors in the business, we have the experience and knowledge of what it takes to build excellence from scratch, and we really want YOU to become a part of our story.

From interns to execs, Polystream is building a top team, and if you think you have skills we can use, let us know.

APPLY NOW - email

Your first bagel is on us, because we're nice like that!

Your first bagel is on us, because we're nice like that!