Bruce Grove

CEO and co-founder

Bruce has 25 years experience across video game platforms, enterprise, telecoms, and avionics.

Bruce spent over 10 years in the US in roles including engineering leadership at Sun Microsystems, Tellme Networks, and Dell XPS. Bruce then joined the first wave of the cloud gaming revolution and held senior leadership roles at OnLive including Head of Engineering, and SVP business and corporate development. Instrumental in delivering the world's first direct-to-consumer cloud gaming solution, he moved back to the UK in 2011 to oversee the OnLive’s launch and growth in Europe – he missed the pubs, curries, and rain.

Having started his career building Harrier Jump Jets, Bruce figured that video games just seemed like a natural progression, and a little less expensive when you get it wrong.

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Adam Billyard

CTO and co-founder

Having been in the industry since the dawn of time (well at least 1981) Adam has a wealth of experience and expertise in realtime graphics development that has led to the creation of some of the most successful game franchises seen in the last 20 years.

As a Co-Founder of Criterion, in 1992 Adam oversaw the development of Renderware; one of the most successful 3D rendering engines subsequently instrumental to some of the largest game franchises of the last few years. Following Criterion’s acquisition by EA, Adam became VP and CTO at EATech until leaving in 2008 to pursue new challenges. Having founded Lightup software, Adam delivered the highly successful LightUp Analytics for energy efficient building design.

With all this it shouldn't be a surprise that Adam is a named inventor on 10 patents and counting.

Follow Adam on Twitter @adambillyard

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Jarl Ostensen


Jarl has over 24 years of experience in the software- and games -industry. 

Since arriving on UK shores in ‘98 to work at the legendary Bullfrog Productions, he has covered various roles ranging from hands-on development to large team management; in particular he spent many years working for Electronic Arts where his path crossed with Adam Billyard for a period at Renderware. Jarl then moved on to getting more of a business view of the industry with EA Partners in Sweden.

His passion for technology and technology productisation plus his fondness of bagels made Polystream his natural next step.

Follow Jarl on Twitter @jarlostensen

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Scott Perham

Senior Engineer

Scott has over 15 years development experience working on distributed enterprise software with some of the world's largest organisations including AT&T, Cisco, O2, Vodafone and Microsoft.

A specialist in cloud technology, he has been responsible for successfully leading the migration of a number of enterprise level solutions to the cloud. Although the majority of his career was spent architecting and developing distributed services for telecoms clients, it was only a matter of time before his love for all things gaming would take over and in 2013 Scott joined Lionhead Studios; he never looked back. 

With his head in the clouds (pun intended), a keen interest in distributed systems, and an unyielding passion for games, Polystream was more than an obvious match... despite his dislike of bagels!

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Nuno Leiria


Nuno joined Polystream following his experience working on the full lifecycle of multiple shipped video game titles.

After his role as a console programmer at Piranha Bytes for the Xbox 360 and PS4 platforms, Nuno decided to switch cloudy Germany for the rainy UK to join Lionhead as a Core Technology Programmer, where he focused on performance and concurrency for the Xbox One.

Having spent so much time away from the sun, it is hard to guess that Nuno has Portuguese roots, but he brings the spirit of sunshine to Polystream's Guildford HQ.

Follow Nuno on Twitter @nunopleiria

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Mike Norgate


Having built websites and web services since 2012, Mike's platform skills plus his love of games made him the perfect choice for Polystream.

Mike started his career building recruitment services websites, and then focused on IT solutions at Innovise, where he worked on enterprise automation services and helped the company develop a new web based front end for their automation engine. In September 2015, he joined the team at Lionhead where he was a key member of the services team.

When at his desk, Mike can usually be found working in his Assassin's Creed hoodie as is a massive fan of the franchise.

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Stuart Radley

Stuart Radley



Stuart, a once avid gamer who spent his teenage years modding games, has years of experience in IP networking.

His eagerness to tackle difficult problems has provided him with a wide range of experience; from high speed routers to optimising secure satellite communications.

He spent a year working as a software engineer in India and China, where he not only enjoyed networking in the sunshine, but honed important skills like attempting to cook and eat foods he can not name, and learning enough Mandarin Chinese to order food and beer. He eventually returned home to work for Vocality, a small company based in a converted barn in the Surrey hills, where he played a major role in the design and development of an intelligent multipath router.

On his 'quest' for the next interesting networking challenges (and a bit more fun), joining Polystream was an ideal opportunity that Stuart could not miss.