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Putting GPUs in the cloud is really expensive - Polystream uses the power of CPUs across the distributed cloud to tell your local GPU what to do

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Using any cloud to stream your application to the largest possible audience, with no downloads, no modifications, to create instant, seamless experiences

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Polystream is cloud agnostic - with clouds everywhere we operate out of any data centre, anywhere in the world for a truly scalable streaming solution


Polystream enables games and 3D applications to be streamed at unprecedented scale.

At Polystream, we believe that streaming is the future for ALL digital content, from instant on-demand gaming, massive simulations, to the highest definition 3D applications. We’re completely rethinking the visual cloud and realizing new ways of how to use it, from server to client, from network to edge, transforming how the world consumes interactive content and services.With our disruptive technology we are unleashing the full potential of the visual cloud.


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