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Realizing the Visual Cloud

Enables video games and 3D applications to be delivered from any cloud.

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No Downloads, No Installs

Instantly launch games and interactive user experiences.

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Global Scale

Pixel perfect, HD streaming with unsurpassed delivery costs and reach.


Polystream turns the cloud into the game console, enabling games and 3D applications to be streamed at unprecedented scale.

Audiences around the world are increasingly hungry for the richest and most graphically complex content to be available instantly. The current approach of streaming by deploying GPUs in the cloud to deliver compressed video, whether for playing games or any other high-fidelity application, has popularized a vision that many companies are still chasing today but it is eye-wateringly expensive and just does not scale. It’s why cloud gaming remains the hardest of streaming problems to solve; anyone can stream games, but the business of streaming is broken.


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