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“Life is Strange 2 is an uncomfortable sequel that’s powerfully relevant.”

A polystreaming debut and a reminder that we’re all stronger than we think we are.

Willing to tackle a huge range of sensitive topics and tough scenarios, from religion and depression to issues of race and sexuality in modern America, Life is Strange 2 is a game that compels you to care and to get involved. When things are tough, and they are, the escapism that allows you to support others to get through situations difficult by any standard can be an amazingly cathartic experience. They remind you that even bad times end, we all have strengths, and maybe that’s just what we need to remember right now.

So what better time for SQUARE ENIX® to make Life is Strange 2, the critically-acclaimed adventure game from the Life is Strange team at DONTNOD Entertainment and Square Enix External Studios, available as a free streaming demo. We’re incredibly proud that our ground-breaking platform is supporting this activity.  

Access the demo through the official website: https://lifeisstrange.com

A quick overview of what is happening and how it works. If this is your first time Polystreaming you will be asked to install the Polystream Launcher. Just click the Polystream button and follow the instructions. Once installed you’ll be one click away from any Polystream moment.

This particular demo is running on AWS, however, we are cloud-agnostic and could seamlessly scale across multiple cloud providers for the greatest reach and to reduce latency issues. Because we’re using our command streaming technology, instead of using traditional methods of streaming which sends a video of what is happening, you will be experiencing pixel streaming. In very simple terms, we’re sending commands down to your device and telling it what to show on the screen. This means when you are polystreaming you are experiencing exactly the same quality of graphics as if you were playing the game natively but without a single game download. This is all straight from the cloud using commodity compute in the cloud but rendering locally on your GPU. More on how it works on our product page.

If you’re interested we have a number of demos available here.

Find yourself a PC, give yourself a quiet moment to discover how your choices shape the fates of the Diaz brothers, and the lives of everyone they meet. Let’s escape for an hour or so and remind ourselves that we can overcome the challenges we’re all facing. 

LIFE IS STRANGE official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LifeIsStrangeGame/

Get more news on Life is Strange 2 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LifeIsStrange

Or on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/lifeisstrangegame/

A polystreaming debut

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