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Are you excited by new challenges? Can you think laterally and always question the status quo? Do you have an open mind and a hunger to solve problems, ask questions and innovate? If the answer is yes, then Polystream wants to work with you. We’re looking for talented people to join the team.

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#HHCIB How Hard Can It Be?

How hard can it be? That’s the question we ask ourselves whenever a challenge arises. It was this question that drove our two co-founders, Bruce and Adam, to create Polystream, and has become our mantra as it reflects the positive culture, passionate drive and expertise that thrives within our company. We still have tough problems to solve along the way – but how hard can it be?

Polystream Life

There’s no typical Polystreamer, nor do we have routine days. Things move fast and working here will give you the opportunity to lead the way in the most exciting technology areas. Currently we have eight different nationalities in the team, speaking eleven different languages.

Diversity is one of our greatest goals and at Polystream, we share and develop our ideas in an open-plan environment with a friendly atmosphere, where everyone’s opinion has equal value.

Our Commitment to Diversity

  • We are the change we want to see: for open positions, we will always source and interview a diverse range of candidates, no matter how long this takes.
  • At events, we will field diverse candidates, and if needed will give up our seat to encourage greater opportunity for diversity.
  • We are creating a workspace for everyone and encouraging individuality.
  • We make a promise to listen to our team members, partners and customers, to never stop learning and improving.
  • We expect diversity in the industry and will actively support and drive it through our actions.

Empowering You

Based in the #SiliconSheds of Guildford, Surrey’s games industry hub, our office is thirty minutes out of London by train, only three minutes’ walk from the train station and five minutes’ walk into the centre.

At Polystream we have created a great package of benefits to fit around your life and your commitments, from health care and pension contributions to flexible working practices and remote working. We want Polystream to also work for you.

Also there’s great coffee, soft drinks, fresh fruit, an unlimited supply of ice cream and bagels, game nights, charity events, family BBQs and so much more.

Build a Great Team and You Can Build Anything…


Passion drives us and binds us together as a team. We love solving problems and nothing excites us more than overcoming technical challenges and seeing our technology succeed. Together we’re changing the world of the visual cloud.

Build a Great Team and You Can Build Anything…


Our culture celebrates diversity and individuality. With unique backgrounds, outlooks and experiences, each of our team members brings a different approach to the problems we face. But we solve them together. That’s what feeds our innovation and enables us to succeed.

Build a Great Team and You Can Build Anything…


We are driven by the spirit of invention. It’s there in the way we develop our proprietary technology, and it’s there in how Polystream is run. We are proud to be disruptive and challenge the status quo, because real innovation happens when we test, trial, learn, explore, improve and ultimately grow.

Build a Great Team and You Can Build Anything…


Technological leadership is a huge part of the Polystream mission. We’re striving to be first to deliver solutions that help our customers achieve their goals. But we know that to get there we have to lead in the right way – as role models in the industry, as partners and as employers.

Build a Great Team and You Can Build Anything…


Being inclusive, open, honest and respectful is what will help us succeed as individuals and as a team. Customers, employees, partners, stakeholders – at every point of contact, we aim to be clear in our communications and deliver on our commitments.

How Hard Can It Be?

That’s the question we ask ourselves whenever a challenge arises. #HHCIB has become a theme here at Polystream and it reflects the positive culture that thrives within our company. Guided by our company values of passion, diversity, innovation, leadership and integrity, our team is developing technology that will revolutionize 3D application streaming in gaming and beyond. There will be tough problems to solve along the way – but how hard can it be?

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