InstantPlay – Stream with No Downloads, No Installs.

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Bang for Buck

Reach a bigger audience and achieve critical mass faster.  Instant gameplay validates marketing in real-time and creates a frictionless trialling experience.

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Conversion Revolution

Players instantly experience full games, creating a frictionless path to customer acquisition.  We deliver a full gameplay experience in two clicks and <30sec.

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Retention & Winback

Enable play anywhere regardless of client downloads; win back churned players with an instant fix at low cost with no barriers.

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Games as a Service

Move to a true SaaS delivery and operating model, no client updates or concerns about piracy.  Create new consumption-based pricing models.


Two clicks to content, not too many.  Polystream’s platform transforms audience engagement and customer acquisition by removing downloads and installs to allow players to instantly play games from the cloud.

Every game company is competing to convert and retain users in a highly competitive global market, and gameplay barriers negatively impact conversion rates.  When faced with lengthy downloads, installations and constant updates potential new and existing players switch off.

Polystream solves these problems.


Everyone Else


Too Many Clicks

= Hours


Two Clicks

= 10 Seconds


Polystream 3D Application Streaming Platform is now available on Microsoft Azure AppSource.

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Simulation, Virtual Training & Visualisation

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If you have any problems, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

At the moment Polystream InstantPlay is available on Windows 7 and higher.
A reliable internet connection with 20Mb/s or higher is required to play the games.


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