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Gamescom just keeps on getting bigger; at 350,000 attendees, it absolutely dwarfs E3 and with visitors from over 100 countries it’s the gaming industry event of the year. Team Polystream had a VERY busy 3 days showing the latest build of our incredible streaming technology to select partners. Jaws regularly hit the floor as we demonstrated that there’s a better way to do interactive streaming which scales almost infinitely and reduces costs by orders of magnitudes. It was amazingly fun and very exciting!

We were based at the Ukie stand where we enjoyed a ‘classic British pub’ environment complete with a bar, wobbly tables and, inevitably, entire British games industry.

Local cuisine and beverages were sampled in moderation. Repeatedly.
And then in less moderation. And then just a lot.

And we made some new friends.

So we had a wonderful time at Gamescom, had lots of really productive meetings and met some very interesting people. Huge thanks to Ukie for running such a fantastic stand and providing us with great food and drink throughout the week. And a special thank you to the Ukie volunteers, you guys and gals did an amazing job! It’s the hard work of fab people like Sam and Naila that make Gamescom such a success for us.

Already looking forward to next year!

But we’re just getting started – our schedule for the months ahead is booking up fast. This month we’re heading to London for Container camp UK. Then on the 21st we’re in London again for the Tech Job Fair. Next you can find us at GamesBeat in San Francisco on October 5th. Then things get chilly as we head off to Slush in Helsinki in late November.

As some of you may have noticed we’ve given the website a makeover too, have a look and tell us what you think!

And we’re moving office! So it’s all go here for team Polystream, we are growing and rocketing forward.

See you soon!

Gamescom and Beyond

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