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About You and Our Team

Polystream is a close-knit, multi-national, and ambitious development team working on exciting, and challenging technologies and solutions.

We’re flexible in how we manage our work, using standard tools such as Hansoft for backlog and sprint planning, or Trello and post-its for personal task management, and we also get together as a team every morning in front of our Kanban board to catch up, align goals, and discuss solutions. We use GIT to manage and share our work.

At least once a week we bring the whole company together for full updates on the state of the business, and our projects, and we have a regular “Dev Friday” event where we get together to end the week and offer the opportunity for any member of the team to present tech, coding, or anything else that they might find interesting.

We’d like to learn from and with you, so bring your experience and knowledge - keep an open mind - you’ll feel right at home @ Polystream in no time. 


Core Streaming Technology Developer, multiple levels

Our streaming technology covers some exciting areas: data compression, low level networking, advanced driver level D3D 11 and D3D 9, and looking deep under the covers of the Windows OS.  As part of the core streamer team you would be given the opportunity to work in any, or all, of these areas, and help us develop the world’s most exciting cloud streaming technology for 3D applications. 

What you’d bring

  • Hands on experience developing C++ code in a production environment, preferably on Windows and with the VisualStudio suite of tools.
  • Practical understanding of performance and how to develop with performance in mind.
  • Team experience and a desire to work with, and help enable, others.

What we’d be very happy about

  • Hands on experience with Direct3D, on console or PC.
  • Hands on experience with compression and compression algorithms.
  • Understanding of network topologies and network protocols including TCP, UDP, rUDP, RTP, RTSP and similar.
  • Understanding of cloud architectures and platforms, both public and private.

Platform and Services Developer, multiple levels

Our platform is a true multi-cloud solution designed and built to run on any available infrastructure, from the industry heavies like Azure, Alibaba, and AWS, to lesser known providers in far flung corners of the world.  Built on standards like Kafka, Kubernetes, and Redis, tied together and extended with bespoke technology developed by our team, the Polystream PaaS is exciting and truly scalable in a way no other existing cloud streaming solution is able to match.

What you’d bring

  • Hands on experience developing C# .NET (.NET Framework & dotnet Core) applications in a production environment.
  • Experience developing RESTful services using WebAPI (or WCF) to build scalable web services.
  • Good understanding of cloud architecture, and experience using at least one cloud provider and their APIs (like AWS, or Azure).

What we’d be very happy about

  • Practical experience in monitoring and maintaining large scale distributed systems.
  • Knowledge of socket programming and network protocols.
  • Experience with container orchestration (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm).
  • Experience with configuration management (Terraform, Chef, Puppet, CloudFormation).

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