Do you love pushing the limits of what's possible? Is the impossible just another problem to be tackled? If YES, we’d love to talk to you!

We’re looking for like-minded talented people who will thrive in an exciting startup that seeks to rewrite all previous assumptions about application streaming.

We value people who aren’t constrained to particular practices and are motivated when faced with new challenges. Our team has the drive and skills to create and deliver world class solutions plus the desire and willingness to learn new things.

We are researching lots of exciting fields of development including; advanced data compression, low level networking and bespoke streaming protocols, hybrid cloud platform development at massive scale, low level Windows development, and Direct3D driver level development.

We’re based just 20 mins from London PLUS we have a really nice coffee machine!




+ Head of Marketing (demand generation, brand marketing, sales strategy)

Let’s talk about you. As Head of Marketing, an expert in brand, you’ll love translating highly technical concepts into marketing friendly messaging.

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+ Senior Services Engineer

Let’s talk about you. As a Senior Services Engineer you will work as part of a small, close-knit and ambitious development team to enhance their market leading cloud streaming technology.

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+ Senior Developer (multiple openings)

Let’s talk about you. As a senior developer at Polystream you will be a leading example to the team building and delivering Polystream’s technology and platform. You're a highly capable developer having worked on a number of complex projects and delivered outstanding products. You will be a strong coder, capable of building a product from requirements to implementation.

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+ Developer (multiple openings)

Let’s talk about you. As a developer at Polystream you're just starting out and looking to work on new groundbreaking technologies that will challenge and completely change the world of game streaming and interactive media. You will be a capable coder, working on the product from requirements to implementation. You will aid in the design and evolution of the products, and you will see this as an amazing opportunity to develop your skills, learn new technologies, and grow as the team and company grows.

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Your first bagel is on us, because we're nice like that!

Your first bagel is on us, because we're nice like that!