Commercial Director / CCO


Let’s talk about you. You must have, an unmatched ability to identify and commercialise market opportunities, an exceptional understanding of product development, and the creativity to design and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction; all this combined with ambition to become an integral part of a world leading company from the ground up.

Your business acumen means you understand, and can demonstrate, exemplary project and team management, negotiation, market research, and marketing skills. You must have excellent interpersonal skills, an ability to convey complex ideas, and an instinct for business development. You will be capable of creating a strategic vision for the company, and a business proposition to deliver it. You will understand financial modelling, budgeting, investment strategies, and you will be as comfortable in front investors as you are with customers and partners.


You Will

  • Be able to drive revenue and business growth.
  • Thrive on and be capable of building a world class team; attracting top talent and managing them for growth.
  • Have worked in start-ups and / or scale-ups and appreciate the unique challenges, opportunities, and demands that come from working in a rapidly evolving environment.
  • Be passionate with a love for entrepreneurial success that comes from applying your skills on top of learning new things leading to professional growth.
  • Be known for being eager to share the energy and excitement that comes with building something new and contributing to an amazing company, product, and team. You will be integral in helping influence and define our company culture, vision, and the success we will have.

Relevant experience in some or all of

B2B / B2C, SaaS, PaaS, Licensing, Media, PR, Marketing technologies, Public Cloud, Video Games, Strategic partnerships, Funding strategies, VC engagement

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