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Let’s talk about you. As a developer at Polystream you're just starting out and looking to work on new groundbreaking technologies that will challenge and completely change the world of game streaming and interactive media. You will be a capable coder, working on the product from requirements to implementation. You will aid in the design and evolution of the products, and you will see this as an amazing opportunity to develop your skills, learn new technologies, and grow as the team and company grows.


We're looking for

  • 2+ years hands on coding
  • Proficient in C++, C#, Java or similar
  • 2+ years in a development role, you have a proven track record in delivery of amazing pieces of work

We'd be impressed with

  • Understanding of games technologies, GPUs, game engines and associated tools
  • Understanding of network topologies and network protocols including but not limited to TCP, UDP, rUDP, RTP, RTSP and similar
  • Understanding of cloud architectures and platforms, both public and private
  • Understanding of data and analytics engineering, devops and netops technologies and skills
  • A love of games!
  • Most of all, you are excited to be part of a small but growing team, you are enthusiastic, you are constantly in awe of new technologies, and you want to be part of building something influential; YOU want to be creating those new technologies!

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