Senior Developer
(multiple openings)


Let’s talk about you. As a senior developer at Polystream you will be a leading example to the team building and delivering Polystream’s technology and platform. You're a highly capable developer having worked on a number of complex projects and delivered outstanding products. You will be a strong coder, capable of building a product from requirements to implementation.


We're looking for

  • 7+ years working in games or content technologies
  • 7+ years hands on coding C++
  • 5+ years in a senior development role, you have a proven track record in delivery of amazing pieces of work
  • Experienced in core and systems programming (PC, Windows)
  • Experienced in core graphics programming, escpecially Direct3D but ideally also including OpenGL, and WebGL
  • Experience of game engines and tools

We'd be impressed with

  • Understanding of Windows driver development
  • Understanding of virtualisation technology and implementation
  • Understanding of network topologies and network protocols, including but not limited to TCP, UDP, rUDP, RTP, RTSP and similar
  • Understanding of cloud architectures and platforms, both public and private
  • Understanding of data and analytics engineering
  • A love of games!

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