We believe if you build a great team, you can build anything…

At Polystream, we value above all else curiosity and candour. As part of the Mythical Games family, we’re a team of ambitious disruptors on a mission to create groundbreaking cloud native innovations. that are part of the wider Mythical ecosystem. We’re adaptable fast-learners and creative thinkers, iterating at phenomenal speeds to execute our goals. We live by a guiding principle of #HowHardCanItBe? – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with relentless intelligence, optimism, and energy.

Everything we do is built on a foundation of respect and trust. Working together, we take big risks, innovate, share successes, and achieve the impossible.


From the beginning, we set out to make being part of the Polystream team great, for everyone.

We want to create a studio culture that supports you at every step of your career in an environment where you feel safe. We don’t just want to offer you a job; we want to offer you the opportunity to be the best version of yourself at work.

I believe that our success will be measured by the success of the people that work here. One of the most important measures of us as a team is our commitment to supporting and nurturing all.

Along the way, we stumble. Sometimes we’re clumsy, and we make mistakes; but we are committed to keep learning, to keep listening, to be vocal and constructive when we risk veering off course, and to keep driving to make change for the better.

Our pledge to each other, and to you if you join us, is one that will evolve, and will continue to be something we all strive to improve and do better at. 

As VP Mtyhical Games UK, I choose to challenge the status quo, question stereotypes & champion diversity. I choose to challenge bias and inequality. And I choose to stand accountable, making sure we collectively take the responsibility to adhere to our EDI pledge as we continue to grow.


Bruce Grove


  • We pledge to remain conscious of creating a work culture that serves everyone and offers our whole team the support they need to be happy, healthy and productive at work.


  • We pledge to continue to reflect, review, and react on what we can do better to foster an environment where all are treated equally.


  • We pledge to be open in our communications by encouraging and empowering everyone to share & develop ideas and solutions to the hardest problems, and where your contribution will always be considered to be of value.


  • We pledge to not make a hire until we are satisfied that we have sourced and interviewed a diverse range of candidates, no matter how long this takes.


  • We pledge to be proactive in making sure any platform or stage we share represents a diverse range of voices, and will readily give up our spot to encourage this to happen.


  • We pledge to support our team in carrying out their best work from wherever they are in the world – whether that’s remotely or from one of Mythical Games’ Hubs.


A screenshot of the Polystream team on a zoom video call where each person has their thumbs up


We’re also proud to be Raise The Game (UKIE) pledge partners, committed to championing and fostering equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within Polystream; working to drive meaningful cultural and behavioural change to create a more diverse and inclusive games industry.


We have the desire and vision to build a talented and diverse global team that celebrates connecting people via accessible, deeply immersive, and meaningful interactive experiences.

The acquisition of Polystream by Mythical Games brings the total number of Mythical employees to over 200, and the company, named one of Inc.’s 2021 Best Places to Work, is continuing to hire for roles globally. For a listing of open positions, please visit:

Some careers on the Polystream team are set job roles that require a specific set of skills. However, we also recognise that greatness can be channelled from anywhere, and might not fit neatly into one of our currently open positions. We warmly welcome you to chat to our Talent Team about your experiences, and explore how we might support and shape your next steps with us.


We would love to hear from you