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Life is Strange 2 Demo, what I have learned

Written by Maria Matthews

Considering that apart from a few years of working as a self-employed person I was generally working for corporate companies – trying my luck with a startup company has definitely changed my worldview a lot.

One of the most beautiful things a person can experience is to have their ideas be considered, listened to, and then actually used in a real-world scenario. It’s something that generally does not exist when a person faces a lot of processes or procedures that sadly in some cases has outweighed the actual benefit of having them in the first place.

It’s also something that is really hard to achieve if more voices are saying “this won’t work” rather than “maybe we could try…”.

When it comes to working I have always leaned more towards support based roles. Going from self-employment to 3rd Level Technical support I have always enjoyed the ability to help others, to find a clever solution, to make things better. During my journey, I have realised that software programming is like a sandbox for the computer world and the ability to do so opens up a path where a person can – with only their mind and knowledge create solutions for problems and needs of the current world.

I thought “How Hard Can It Be”?

On my employment journey, I have experienced a lot of different cultures, different blockers, or approaches to get things done. However, never have I considered to be part of such an innovative, free-thinking team of people. While working at Polystream I have been able to join their adventure in making an idea become reality – where every roadblock is just another roadblock to get over. Where #hhcib is the company slogan and everyone believes that with the right attitude and out-of-the-box thinking almost anything can be achieved.

If the sky is the limit – why put a glass ceiling above you?

Today I am sharing a link to a demo that I am so proud to have helped create. It feels beautiful and incredible to be one of the people that could contribute to this success. Please give it a try and feel free to let me know how you feel about the experience of a completely new way to stream applications over the internet.

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Life is Strange 2 Demo, what I have learned

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