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Looking back at Develop, looking forward to Gamescom

Event Date: 14th - 16th July 2015

Written by Stephanie Georgiou

As with any start-up, it’s been a busy few weeks but it’s great to have a moment to share my first blog post. Having just joined Polystream there’s obviously a tonne of bits and pieces to organise and prioritise, and one of the first things I’ve learnt as CEO is it’s truly amazing how many extra random things pop up in no time at all! You say you’re going to attend something like the Develop Conference in Brighton UK and the next thing, people want logos (better go get one of those designed), press releases (better make something up), a website (thank you Squarespace!), links to all your social channels (just how many social channels can my phone handle on 10% battery?) and on, and on, and on.

So that was day one…

The great thing about the Polystream team is how quickly we can make great things happen, and having got some of that out of the way it was time to start letting the world know a little bit of what we’re up to. First we’re very happy we’ve got London Venture Partners on board. They’ve looked at what we’re doing and see just how we can use it to disrupt the space. It may seem like cloud gaming is still so nascent; how could we possibly disrupt it so soon? Actually, it’s been around for nearly ten years and having been there pretty much since the beginning I think it’s ripe for some change.

Last week at the Develop conference, change was at the core of everything. I’ve always loved this event; for three days you’re embedded in the heart of the UK industry with attendance from exciting tiny indie studios through to high profile CEOs, and folks there all want to really move things forward, they’re engaged, and wanting to see change and new technologies. It felt great to be now openly talking to people about Polystream and thanks to everyone for all the support and positive responses so far – more change is coming!

Seeing what else was going on; Epic Games and the Wellcome Trust were showcasing the finalists from the Big Data VR Challenge with some groundbreaking stuff for visualising big data (really big), and congratulations to LumaPie on winning the prize! The Develop awardsdinner was packed out as always and I enjoyed applauding the Stamper brothers as they received the Development Legend Award, recognised for all the wonderful experiences Rare has brought us over the past 35 years. Also pleased to say GamesAid was well featured, with the GamesAid Tenner table envelopes raising nearly £2000 on the night whilst elsewhere, the always brilliant GamesAid Poker event raised more than £6500. Huge thanks to Mark Ward, Relentless Software, and Gamer Network for organising, hosting and sponsoring – was nice to wash down my departure from the poker table with a cold beer *sobs*

The next stop is Gamescom, and I can’t wait to share more news about Polystream with the crowds in Cologne. Please Contact us if you would like to meet with the team, we’d love to hear from you.

One final thing for now, as a responsible CEO, I’m keeping the costs of my Gamescom trip down by cycling, YES, CYCLING back from the event. That’s 550km in three days across 4 countries, and lots of lots of cups of tea. Give me a push by going to my Just Giving page and thanks in advance as all the proceeds will be going to GamesAid!

Chat soon, Bruce

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