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Octavian's Top 5

Written by Octavian Vasilovici

1. Nvidia is worth more than Intel for the first time in history

For the very first time in the history of computing, Nvidia is worth more than Intel.
This makes me happy, as I have always been in the “Green Camp” and also sad at the same time, as having real competition is what drives innovation.

I am also wondering why this didn’t happen until now: As a consumer, I tend to upgrade the GPU with every generation, but the CPU only once in a while. Could be that COVID-19 lockdown is a factor in this as a lot of people buying new GPUs for their workstations. I can’t help but wonder if these haven’t contributed to this sudden rise.

2. Facebook Says It Has Developed the ‘Thinnest VR display to date’ With Holographic Folded Optics

Oculus Brand Assets

When speaking about Virtual Reality most people imagine having a bulky headset strapped around your head without being able to interact with the physical world. This is currently true and the fact that I am totally disconnected from the physical world and completely immersed in the virtual one is what makes Virtual Reality awesome!

But what if we can change all of that and have the best of “both worlds”? Oculus/Facebook have unveiled a prototype that might do just that! Will this be their next flag-ship VR “headset”?
I, for one, can’t wait to get one, if it will ever come to market.

3. How to enable Windows 10 hardware accelerated GPU scheduling

Last month Microsoft released a new Windows version which has a very interesting update: “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling”:
I have been playing with this feature this month. While on my system, which runs an Intel i9 9900k with an RTX 2080Ti, I couldn’t see an improvement in average frame rate, I did notice a very nice improvement in frametimes especially in the 0.1% and 0.01% low framerates and frametimes. Comparing this with Nvidia’s “Low latency” mode (which was added to the driver last year), I can definitely say GPU scheduling is working better. In case you haven’t tried it yet, this article shows how you can enable and benefit from it.

4. Nvidia’s rumored new Ampere power connection could drive gamers towards Big Navi

Nvidia Ampere GPU
Image credit: Nvidia

The latest rumour regarding the upcoming release of Nvidia’s Ampere GPU generation is somewhat strange as it involves a component in your PC that most of the people don’t really think about: the power supply. If this turns out to be true and a new power connector is required, it would be the first time in 20 years when I would need to change the PSU based on the connector shape and not the power the supply can deliver. Currently, high-end GPUs use dual-connectors: either 8-pin + 4-pin connector or 8-pin + 8-pin connector, so this rumour is very strange.

5. Ghost of Tsushima physical sales beat last year’s Days Gone

As a gamer that really loves RPGs, being able to wear the armour of a samurai and use a katana has always been a dream. After much anticipation, the Ghost of Tsushima has finally released this month and it has a huge success. Here, in the UK, it managed to sell an impressive amount of physical copies on launch week and climbed to the first spot.

Its success is so big that in Japan it is completely sold-out: It is very rare when a western produced game has such a big success in Japan. If you haven’t tried it and you own a Playstation 4, I highly recommend you grab a copy!

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Octavian’s Top 5

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