Bruce Grove



Bruce has 25 years experience across video game platforms, enterprise, telecoms, and avionics.

Bruce joined the first wave of the cloud gaming revolution and held senior leadership roles at OnLive including Head of Engineering, and SVP business and corporate development. Instrumental in delivering the world's first direct-to-consumer cloud gaming solution, he moved back to the UK in 2011 to oversee the OnLive’s launch and growth in Europe – he missed the pubs, curries, and rain.


Adam Billyard


Having been in the industry since the dawn of time (well at least 1981) Adam has a wealth of experience and expertise in realtime graphics development that has led to the creation of some of the most successful game franchises seen in the last 20 years.

As a Co-Founder of Criterion, in 1992 Adam oversaw the development of Renderware; one of the most successful 3D rendering engines subsequently instrumental to some of the largest game franchises of the last few years.


Jarl Ostensen


Jarl has over 24 years of experience in the software, and games, industry. He also likes to get things done!

Jarl would love to be an astronaut when he grows up, but failing that he'll be happy with any of his daughters achieving it, hopefully without giving him too many grey hairs in the process. In fact, there are a lot of things he'd like to be, when he grows up...


Charlie Skillbeck


Charlie has been working in the games industry since about 1990. He remembers a simpler time, before new-fangled tools like compilers and linkers came along.

He's working with our partners to help them leverage the incredible synergies that the Polystream platform can opportunicate.


Tabitha Huchon


Tabitha has extensive experience in the games industry as both a researcher and marketeer.  She has worked with all creatures great and small within the industry; from bedroom indies to mega AAA publishers.

She is currently on an epic quest to run a full marathon but keeps getting distracted by baking and video games.


Michelle Rendall


Michelle has been in the software and games industry for over 21 years.  With experience in office and facilities management, as well as corporate and global events. Michelle worked for Criterion Software from 1996 and for the last 12 years for Electronic Arts.

Michelle prides herself with organisation, commitment to getting it done and is always keen to take on a challenge! That goes for out of work too, completing her first marathon in Brighton earlier this year. The running bug is there to stay and one day she hopes to run the New York marathon. Apparently, the shopping is great there too!


Scott Perham


For the last decade Scott has been designing and building large scale, distributed systems for a load of different industries including defense, telecoms  and games.

When he's not battling with Visio, Scott will mostly be seen sat in front of his Xbox playing any game he can get his hands on and prides himself in once representing the nation in a televised Halo tournament... and coming last!


Mike Norgate


Mike has been building enterprise apps, cloud platforms and websites for all of his career.

He is passionate about deploying and monitoring large scale cloud platforms. And is really good at filling in the stuff Scott can't do.


Craig Sawyer


Craig has been developing web applications for a range of industries and all over the country since he was 16; from Glasgow to Leeds, Manchester to Cambridge. Finally settling on Guildford to be part of the Polystream team.

He loves to travel and experience all four corners of the world. When he's not somewhere exotic, he can usually be found enjoying live entertainment like taking in a west-end show.


Stuart Radley


Stuart has broad experience in networking; including secure satellite communications and ISP grade packet processing. Polystream's unique networking challenges were an opportunity that he could not miss.

Happy to tackle any problem, and originally from a C programming background, Stuart's over-enthusiastic error checking can be found throughout the codebase.


Nuno Leiria


Game engine programmer focusing on core systems, graphics, physics, AI, networking, compression and optimisation.

When not found at Polystream towers HQ, Nuno can usually be found globetrotting with a 'pastel de nata' in hand.


Dr Joe Kilner


Joe has been messing around with PCs since his dad first brought home an Amstrad 1512. He has spent the best part of the last 20 years writing engine code and tools for games, with brief forays into enterprise and academia.

He is at his happiest when knee-deep in mud, drinking beer and listening to very, very, very loud music.


Octavian Vasilovici


Octavian has spent his last 10 years in designing and writing software in fields varying from telecoms to embedded systems.

An avid supporter of Stereoscopic 3D, Octavian started his own projects - bringing 3D Vision to OpenGL and is part of  an awesome community that tries to fix most of the AAA games of today for Stereo 3D.