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The Polystream team are talented pioneers and explorers who are powering the future of streaming 3D applications from any cloud, at massive scale. Meet the management team…

Bruce Grove

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Known for: amazing BBQs and his skiing skills

Throughout his whole career Bruce has been enabling new things to get built – from jet engine test facilities to the world’s first, mass produced, liquid cooled gaming PC. As a lifelong gamer, he then joined the first wave of the cloud gaming revolution as Head of Engineering, then later SVP business and corporate development at OnLive, where he was instrumental in delivering the world's first direct-to-consumer cloud gaming solution. After more than a decade in Silicon Valley he moved back to the UK in 2011 to oversee OnLive’s launch and growth in Europe, before founding Polystream with Adam.

Marek Rubasinski

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Known for: his wakeboard virtuosity and skills as a coach and ski-boat driver

Marek has worked around the globe in the TMT sector. At Cable & Wireless, BT, and Accenture, he was holding commercial, business development and strategy roles, always leading external relationships, ranging from Google, Apple, and Microsoft to Samsung, and LG. Before he joined Polystream in early 2018, Marek used to run Sky Ventures, managing investments in startups such as Roku, Circle, and the Drone Racing League. He always had an affinity for disruptive new technologies and building bridges between innovations and their real-world commercial use.

Adam Billyard

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Known for: his tenacity – How hard can it be? (#HHCIB)
Having been in the games industry since the dawn of time, Adam started programming when he was twelve, published his first game aged seventeen, and created “ElektraGlide”, a chart topping 3D racing game truly ahead of its time. One PhD in Computer Science later, he joined Canon, building fast, platform independent graphics systems that could tumble 3D objects around in real-time, then co-founded Criterion and designed RenderWare, one of the most successful 3D rendering engines, before joining Electronic Arts as VP and EATech CTO in 2003 following their acquisition of Criterion.

Caspar Atkinson

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Known for: travelling with his bicycle (and dog)

With more than 20 years in the industry, Caspar has held roles at Toshiba, IBM, Accenture, Sky, and Brandwatch, and has launched and grown over 20 propositions globally, with the scars to prove it. Caspar is a geek at heart, which he combines with being an amateur psychologist and data analyst to craft customer experiences that are compelling and engaging. He joined Polystream in 2018, because he enjoys being at the cutting edge of new technology, where he can work with engineering teams to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Michelle Rendall

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Known for: running marathons, with New York being at the top of her to-do list

Michelle has been in the software and games industry for over 22 years, holding a wide variety of roles and accumulating a wealth of experience in office and facilities management, as well as marketing, brand, and corporate and global events. She has worked for some of the greats in the industry like Criterion Software and Electronic Arts, before joining Polystream in 2017, where, in an instant, she became the heart and soul of the deep tech startup.

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