The Dark Matter of the Metaverse

I’m Aaron, Lead for Polystream’s Platform team, and in this post I aim to provide further insight into our vision of becoming the dark matter of the Metaverse – a glue for the vast expanse of interactive content that ranges from games, commerce, social gatherings, personal spaces, film to everything in between and beyond. Built upon our ground-breaking command streaming technology, Polystream is the ONLY platform making the metaverse real.

(Before we get started, if you haven’t read up on command streaming yet, head over to our technology page, check out these previous blog posts and videos from the team, and watch our video on Room Zero)

Building the Metaverse 

Polystream is a foundational technology, and one of the important building blocks of the metaverse. We break this down into:

  1. Planet Formation – Easy onboarding of experiences
  2. Wormholes – Transitions between experiences
  3. Speed – Fast load times for experiences
  4. Community – No lonely planets
  5. High availability – meta-existential threats have not yet been proven to be beneficial to the metaverse
1. Planet Formation

Tooling for onboarding content to the Polystream Platform is something we custom built and use every day in our development life-cycle.  These easy-to-use tools are the same that enable you to press a few buttons and have your own content deployed to the metaverse for everyone to experience. Neat!

Automation is paramount for our onboarding process, so our tools can be run by engineers, designers, delivery teams or as a component in CI/CD/CT pipelines. If you have a team with automation in place, you can use our tooling. If you are yet to implement full end-to-end automation, you can still use our tooling as a flexible component of your development and deployment workflow.

“Automation is paramount for our onboarding process.

2. Wormholes

To build the metaverse you need to be able to transition between experiences seamlessly. Our Platform allows you to add functionality to navigate from your experience to someone else’s with a few clicks. This can be in the form of visible portals, gates, doors or programmatic actions via a menu or by entering a hidden trigger. 

With this flexibility – as a developer, if you wish to create a theme park with rides, shows and games, you can. Or as an entertainer if you wish to perform an act that spans multiple experiences you can do that too. You aren’t limited to creating earth-bound experiences either; enable that universal mindset.

Behind the scenes, we’re handling all of these requests in the platform. One minute you could be in a cinema experience that is served from France, the next minute; a shopping experience served from Ireland. 

You design the journey, we provide seamless transport.

3. Speed

Seconds, not minutes. Long gone are the days of walking through a door in Resident Evil and watching it slowly open; hiding background loading of assets in the next scene.

In the Metaverse we want people to seamlessly move around, go places, do things – speak to people and share stories. Loading screens don’t fit that narrative so we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that where possible, loading is at an absolute minimum. 

To put this into context – provisioning a compute instance on any provider can take between 1 and 15 minutes. With our approach we’re able to create instances in seconds, anywhere.

4. Community

Whether you want to experience the metaverse with friends, family or a new community  group, with the Polystream toolkit integrated into your experience you can see and hear other people around you; Just a few lines of code means you can implement interactivity in your content without having to build it yourself so you can focus on building an audience.

5. High Availability

We pay close attention to available resources, the quality of experiences, and how we can improve the relationship between the two. Our cloud-agnostic control plane AMS ensures that we’re always ready to serve a request for an experience, no matter where in the world or how big the experience. We work closely with companies like Instana to ensure that we always have insight into overall platform health, with the ability to drill down into compute, network storage and endpoint health should anything fall outside of our KPIs.

Our vision for the Metaverse

Without a seamless onboarding process for the metaverse, it will become more difficult to grow the metaverse into what we envision it will become.

Our goal is that every user on the planet will be able to connect to the metaverse with less than 30ms RTT of latency, this includes remote and under-served areas. With our solution, we’re able to exceed these scaling demands. 

I cannot overstate how key this is in creating a metaverse that everyone can be a part of. Without the ability to deliver planet scale, the metaverse is metaphorically a metanation. 

In fact, the bigger challenge to date has been how to knit these interactive experiences together to become one interoperable virtual experience, where users can move around, access content, and interact much like they do in the physical realm.

I believe that by addressing the 5 building blocks highlighted above, Polystream sincerely IS the only platform making the metaverse real, and I can’t wait for my team to bring even more experiences to the world.

See you in the metaverse.