The Problem

For companies across an array of industries, the cloud has provided new opportunities to use complex business applications and content creation tools, capable of dealing with ever-increasing amounts of data. However, technology hasn’t caught up yet with the growing demand of high-performance modelling software, remote visualizations and greater flexibility in project management through remote stakeholder contribution. Current solutions require a centrally managed software package, capable of delivering applications and data to virtual desktops, which are expensive to run and don’t always deliver the level of performance required.


The Solution

Using Polystream’s streaming technology removes the need for the costly virtual machines. The compressed command approach that Polystream has developed means that even extremely demanding software can be streamed in real time using standard cloud CPUs with visualization taking place on the end client. The result is a massive reduction in costs and higher flexibility in the instant delivery of high performance applications and ultra HD imagery.

What Polystream is developing has the potential to extend the use of virtual desktops exponentially, making them accessible to enterprises of every size. We are poised to bring about a revolution in enterprise software.