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31 May 2016

Polystream raises $1.5M in seed funding from London Venture Partners and Initial Capital

Polystream announced today it has raised $1.5M in seed funding from London Venture Partners and Initial Capital.

This new round enables Polystream, with its patented interactive streaming technology, to deliver the first truly pixel perfect, massively scalable, HD streaming solution for games and 3D applications.

Whether using public or private cloud services, Polystream will empower publishers, developers, and content creators / marketers to engage with audiences on a global scale by giving them the most effective, elastic, and scalable solution they need to deliver their content direct to devices that people already own, instantly.

Bruce Grove, CEO Polystream said “We are transforming the world of ordinary linear video into an extraordinary interactive experience; completely redefining both the technology and the business of application streaming. Having the backing and support of London Venture Partners and Initial Capital shows huge confidence in what we’re achieving, and we’re incredibly excited to be working with these great partners. We’ve already been out across Europe and the US demonstrating the potential of Polystream, and the response has been outstanding – this is the evolution of cloud gaming that everyone has been waiting for.”

“Polystream’s progress has been exceptional, and we’re more convinced than ever that they have the tech and team to deliver app cloud streaming that actually works, economically and in UltraHD quality”, said David Lau-Kee, General Partner at LVP, “What they are delivering is transformative, and so of course we’re going to double-down”.

“Early stage fund raising is not just about money.” said Shakeeb Alireza of Initial Capital. “Polystream is not only building some impressive technology, but has recruited a very experienced team which is laying the foundation to change the business of cloud gaming, and Initial Capital is proud to support them.”


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