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Bruce Grove joins senior exec team bringing eight years experience in delivering pioneering cloud gaming technology!

Polystream, a provider of next-gen cloud gaming solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Bruce Grove as CEO, bringing unrivalled experience and knowledge of cloud gaming and its wider applications.

Polystream recently announced securing funding from London Venture Partners for its new cloud gaming technologies. Polystream can offer unique marketing opportunities to the broadest possible audiences, providing instantly delivered demos and interactive gaming experiences as a cost-effective, elastic and scalable solution using public cloud services.

Grove said: “Polystream is already impressing early partners for two key reasons; the first is we can demonstrate next generation technology without the cost and performance hang-ups previously assumed to be inherent in all streaming solutions. The second, and more important reason is, we’re specifically applying the technology where it makes proven commercial sense and delivers substantial customer acquisition opportunities. Cloud gaming has been largely ignored as a marketing tool because it wasn’t scalable and excitingly, this is no longer the case using Polystream.”

Grove, formerly General Manager for OnLive, was instrumental in the development of the pioneering technology and oversaw its evolution and use-case applications. Previous to cloud gaming, he held senior management roles across a variety of leading edge technologies.

Adam Billyard, CTO for Polystream, added: “Bruce’s unrivalled experience in this space is invaluable to Polystream and I’m thrilled to welcome him as CEO. Having been instrumental in solving many first-mover problems at an engineering level, he has in depth knowledge of how cloud gaming has evolved, which business models make sense, and expertise in how to create truly scalable cloud gaming solutions.”

Polystream Welcomes Bruce Grove As CEO

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