Scale is critical to empowering cloud gaming through the 3D Visual Cloud

Polystream’s Command Streaming technology is enabling the once-unimaginable scale. Part of the suite of technology that Intel is looking to empower the 3D Visual Cloud and deliver critical scale capabilities to cloud gaming.

Intel’s Visual Cloud is focused on delivering cloud services that are centred around the efficient delivery of both live and file-based visual experiences and applications. Adding value by incorporating intelligence by tapping into machine learning and other AI areas.

As our desires for 3D interactive content and applications delivered from the cloud continue to increase the role of the Visual Cloud will continue to expand. Cloud gaming is one of the first implementations of 3D interactive content where the ability to scale becomes critical for the Visual Cloud.

Discover through Intel’s eyes how Polystream will be critical to enabling almost unimaginable scale for the streaming of 3D interactive content and applications and how the online games industry can benefit.

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