Team First: The importance of a team-focused work culture

Polystream has been growing in the last few months and as we pick up the pace for the second half of the year, things have become very busy in our little office, that being said, we like being busy. Although completely redefining how our partners instantly reach, engage, and grow your player base is not an easy feat, we think we have done a pretty good job of it, and it’s through our team-focused culture that we have been able to achieve it.

‘Team first’ is the focus at Polystream, and that’s definitely what you notice on your first day here. Everyone in the office knows each other and enjoys working together. Every Thursday evening, we meet online to test a new feature or collect metrics. These tests include structured screen captures and record various metrics, but for the most part, it is a group of friends playing games.

We take pride in our team-focused culture. It’s an approach that was established early on and is very important to not only Polystream’s founders, but it’s employees. This culture ensures everything is discussed in an open forum and looks to build consensus, though not at the expense of getting things done. Getting help is easy since everyone is keen to lend a hand – the ‘pitching-in’ mentality has been fostered here since day one.

Our team-focused culture has several benefits:

Everyone gets to contribute –  Every member of the team contributes to the marketing and brand. I recently joined Polystream, as the sole marketeer amongst a team of engineers, and this could have been very daunting, but everyone here wants to be involved and wants to learn what is needed to make the marketing of this company be exceptional. This makes the whole process a lot easier because without this exceptional team there is no Polystream!

Consistency – Regular communication within the group ensures we know what is needed for each department to function well. This produces work which is not only at a high standard but also keeps things moving along efficiently.

Celebrating success – We understand the level of work that goes into different tasks, so when things are accomplished, we properly appreciate and give credit to the team members involved.

Quick adaptation – Our open-plan office allows for (sometimes animated) office-wide discussions, which helps to resolve issues and queries very quickly. And if someone needs something, they are confident they can rely on the person next to them to help out.

Supportive work culture – We take the time to learn about each other’s lives outside the office. We take lunch together, do ‘Friday drinks’ and there is a genuine feeling of camaraderie to the office. Understanding how others work and their strengths ensure we all push together in the most efficient way possible.

The reason we are able to create this amazing tech and deliver such a fabulous service is because this team are the best at what they do, as well as being genuinely nice people to work with.