The Rise and Stall of Streaming

A decade ago, the first generation of interactive streaming companies pushed to create something that everyone thought was impossible. Now many of those companies have disappeared. Why?

The problem they faced was never about network, lag or streaming quality – but about the crushing cost of filling the cloud with GPUs to stream applications using compressed video. It is prohibitively expensive, creates friction, hampers reach and just does not scale. It’s why cloud gaming remains the hardest of streaming problems to solve; anyone can stream games, but it has to work for everyone.

At Polystream, we believe in the power of distributed networks, the intelligent edge, and the visual cloud, bringing them all together, transforming how the world consumes interactive content and services.


If you’re going to run high-end games and applications from the cloud for millions of people at the same time, you’re going to need a massive amount of compute to do it. Putting a GPU in the cloud per person is eye-wateringly expensive per hour per stream. Polystream massively reduces this cost to pennies per user per stream by eliminating the need to rely on graphics cards being in the cloud and by making the cloud elastic.


You already have a GPU! With no installs, no unnecessary modifications and no friction, Polystream enables your 3D games and applications to be rendered directly on any device that has a GPU in it. We use the power of distributed networks, the intelligent edge, and the visual cloud for you to reach people in every corner of the globe, providing them with instant access to the latest HD games and applications – and beyond.


There are clouds everywhere! Increasingly, the majority of the world’s population lives within a few 100km of a cloud. Polystream is cloud agnostic, with no vendor or geographical restrictions. By making the cloud elastic, we stream your games and applications from any data centre anywhere in the world, enabling you to create never-before-seen interactive experiences to realize a truly scalable solution to streaming.

Solution for Games

Solution for

There are many solutions to streaming games, but most experiences continue to be compromised and costly; for the platforms, for the publishers and for the players.

Polystream can stream your native games, with no modifications, instantly to your audience’s devices, on demand, whenever and wherever you need it. From instant demos to early access to full games with no downloads, no installs, no waiting times and no friction, we can help you realize global reach. By using any cloud provider with streaming bandwidths designed to work at consumer broadband speeds, Polystream enables your games to run on multiple devices. It’s smart data with context, which results in incredible levels of compression to deliver pixel-perfect, HD interactive experiences for everyone.


Solution for Simulation

Solution for

Polystream’s synthetic training solutions enable the highest definition training simulators to be run from any cloud – be it public, private or hybrid.

This is a flexible, efficient alternative to the
in-house solutions of physical training rooms and large workstations. Polystream removes the barriers to education, simulation and modelling, by streaming the software to the trainees, instructors, and assessors, wherever they are, and whenever they need it. Polystream delivers better value to training providers by enabling instant deployability, complete data security and simplified administration, whilst protecting your budgets through increased efficiency.


Solution for Enterprise

Solution for

CAD/BIM, training, modelling, visual simulation – Polystream enables all of these and more to be streamed from the cloud, whilst removing the need to use costly GPU cloud instances or remote desktop server infrastructure.

Our command streaming means that even the most graphics-intensive applications (GIAs) can be streamed in real time from the cloud to the user, with no loss in fidelity, colour gamut or quality. By reducing costs, increasing flexibility, improving security and performance, Polystream is a true replacement for GPU virtual desktops, no matter the application, no matter your size, and no matter whether public, private or hybrid cloud.


Clouds everywhere

Polystream is cloud agnostic. With data centres around the world, we offer truly global reach and scale.

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