We got an Epic MegaGrant!

Polystream’s big vision has always been to show how Command Streaming can dynamically improve how we deliver 3D interactive content from the cloud. It’s a huge evolution, not just in how Command Streaming is different to video-based approaches, but why it’s important for a wide variety of workloads.

After breaking a streaming record at the end of last year for 40,000 concurrent users in a single game use case, we knew we had met one of our hardest challenges, and so for 2020 we set our sights in addition to games, onto running multi-window, high-end visual applications, just as if they were running on your desktop. As we started creating our Polystream Showcase we applied for an Epic MegaGrant to support testing out our new 3D Workflow in the Cloud, in this case the Unreal Engine Editor, and as an awesome early Christmas eve present, the last email to hit my inbox before holidays said:

Congratulations Polystream!

And there it was, happy xmas everyone! Polystream’s application to the MegaGrant program had been accepted and awarded!!

Since then, we’ve doubled down on developing our Command Streaming technology to showcase everything from cloud gaming, to content workflows, to simulators and synthetic training, from any region, at any scale, anywhere in the world.

Unreal Editor on a screen

Imagine if your entire workflow could start with your application development, whether a massive multiplayer game, a product configurator, or a virtual walkthrough of a yet to be constructed building, then you move into testing in the cloud meaning no more downloads for playtest, no more shipping secure assets to third parties, with rapid updates and iterations in real-time without needing to restart the entire process. And finally, at launch you get instant experiences, no downloads, no waiting, just pixel-perfect gameplay, walkthroughs, applications in all their glory and as intended.

Putting the Unreal Engine Editor in the cloud is something we proudly consider a highlight of our showcase, and the Epic MegaGrant enabled us to accelerate our development, not just thanks to this financial support, but with thought leadership conversations with the Epic team around the concepts. It has allowed us to solve many new challenges that you don’t typically see in single window applications. Running multiple windows at once, multi-monitor behaviour, maintaining mouse accuracy, snapping windows in and out of tabs and other interesting corner cases that fired up our development teams even more! The result is an application that runs, feels, and looks like it’s running on your desktop natively, all whilst being streamed from Polystream’s cloud platform. This isn’t a virtual desktop, this is your desktop working seamlessly with a virtual application, and we believe, a huge step towards our vision for the future of visual compute. Next steps is to keep working on further interesting integrations over the coming months.

Thank you to all the Epic MegaGrants team from everyone at Polystream.

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