Command Streaming

Connecting the computing power of the cloud to the billions of GPUs in games consoles, phones and computers, our ground-breaking technology creates scale at a level once thought impossible.

Current solutions need to virtualize GPUs in the cloud to deliver a video to each user. We replace this hardware dependence with a software-defined architecture that delivers commands, not video.

Enabling the cloud to work as designed, we use the power of dynamic compute, the performance of next-generation networks and the intelligent edge to deliver 3D interactive content and applications cost-effectively at massive scale.

40,000+ CCUs

Polystream is all about scale, and we’ve delivered what no one else today could do.

The equivalent of 15 years worth of game time.

Starting with four data centres in four regions, as each exceeded our planned resources, we just added more. Ultimately reaching:

- 10 regions
- 35 data centres
- and nearly 85,000 CPU cores running games.

We did this all for a few thousand dollars across providers, seamlessly.

Command Streaming allows us to move away from the expensive and fixed GPUs in the cloud and leveraging the GPUs in devices. As our technology continues to evolve and empower cloud and edge computing we will continue to take advantage of composable compute.

Unrivalled Concurrency

By 2030, more than three billion people could be connecting to the cloud at the same time. As demand for 3D interactive grows, it will generate vast amounts of real time, latency-sensitive workload - much faster than the ability to virtualize GPUs.

By using only the compute required to properly distribute workloads we can deliver instantly interactive experiences without downloads or modifications.

And we can deliver to any device concurrently.

The truth behind the cost of concurrency.
Don’t be mistaken.

Discover this and other myths and misunderstandings here

Unprecedented Reach

We’re cloud-agnostic. With no vendor or geographical restrictions, we can seamlessly operate out of (or across) any data centre, delivering unmodified 3D interactive content and applications to audiences anywhere in the world.

  • Google

  • Cloudsigma

  • Upcloud

  • Leaserweb

  • AWS

  • Polystream

Addressing latency

Latency is generated at many stages but proximity is one of the largest factors.
Our cloud agnostic approach means less latency. 

Flawless Experiences

Even with deep pockets, you’ll never virtualize enough GPUs to keep pace with the 3D interactive content emerging from video games, virtual desktops, training simulators and more.

By connecting you to the billions of graphics cards already purchased by consumers and businesses, we can deliver a pixel-perfect experience to every user at the same time, releasing limitless potential.

Polystream is transforming the way 3D interactive content and applications get streamed at scale forever.

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