The 3D Interactive Platform

Run in the cloud. Render locally. Transforming how real-time 3D content is streamed at scale.

Introducing Command Streaming

Our ground-breaking technology redefines how the world delivers real-time 3D content.

  • Run your application in the cloud easily, reaching unlimited concurrent users

  • Stunning quality, with a near-native experience

  • Let anyone publish at scale, enabling new cloud-first experiences to be born

Built for the future

Composable infrastructure to create a scalable, elastic platform.

Cloud agnostic

Work from any cloud, anywhere, for global reach and reduced latency.

Dynamic scale

The only platform able to stream 3D interactive content to millions of people at the same time.

Adaptive Experiences

Polystream is able to respond to the local conditions.

  • Offering the highest quality experience for users with fast broadband connections

  • Reducing frame rate, resolution and in-game settings to allow for reliable streaming where there is a poor network

Multi-window support

Polystream comes with full support for opening multiple windows on your desktop. This becomes crucial functionality when creating digital content in the cloud.

Experience it for yourself with our Unreal 4 Editor demo.

Every moment as designed

Our transformational Command Streaming technology sends 'draw' commands, rather than convert the output to video. Ensuring customers get the experiences you originally intended.

Pixel perfect

With Command Streaming, your customers see applications exactly as they were built. Everything is rendered by the local graphics card, offering a near-native user experience.

No video compression

Video streaming solutions compress the output, leading to a loss of visual fidelity; text and images appear blurred.

Don't just stream. Polystream.

Talk to us today about delivering even the most complex 3D interactive content and applications on demand to unrivalled numbers of users.

We hope you enjoy this short playable demo, created for the purpose of evaluating Polystream.

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Sorry, it looks like you are on an unsupported device. Polystream currently only supports Microsoft Windows (version 7 or later).

Sorry, it looks like you are too far from a Polystream location or there may be a problem with your broadband line. You could try restarting your internet connection again.

Sorry, it looks like your broadband connection is not fast enough. You need a connection speed of at least 20Mbs. Could somebody else be using your connection?

Sorry, it looks like there is a problem with connecting to a streaming server. It could be that there is a firewall or other seecurity software stopping the stream. If you are able to, please try streaming from another internet connection.

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