Want to be remembered as being part of the team that changed cloud gaming forever?

Seeking Platform Engineering Superstars

This team is building a global cloud infrastructure at a scale so unprecedented that it’s almost hard to believe it could be real. This team lives on the edge; we’re talking high-performance multi-threaded code and the thrill of developing Micro Services in Kubernetes and Docker.

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Graphics and Performance Gurus Wanted

Anyone can stream a game, but this team can do it for hundreds of thousands of people at the same time, wherever they are in the world. They dream about low-level programming in C and C++ and are the tuners of high-performance code, squeezing the most out of every cycle. They tackle concurrency, multi-threading and multi-core whilst grappling with graphics pipelines in D3D and Vulkan, all before breakfast!

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Business and Marketing Maestros Step Forward

There’s knowing how to safely deliver success, and then there’s working out how to tell the whole world about a new way of cloud gaming that we haven’t even invented all the words for yet. This team lives in the future, cutting through the noise, challenging the status quo, relentlessly remoulding and shaping the whats, and the whys, and the hows.

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Build a Great Team and You Can Build Anything…


Passion drives us and binds us together as a team. We love solving problems. Nothing excites us more than overcoming technical challenges and seeing our technology succeed. Together we’re confident that we are changing the world of interactive content streaming forever.

Build a Great Team and You Can Build Anything…


With unique backgrounds, outlooks, and experiences, each of our team members brings a different approach to the problems we face, but we solve them together. Our combined uniqueness is what feeds our innovation, and enables us to succeed, and we celebrate this with our pledge to build a diverse team.

Build a Great Team and You Can Build Anything…


We are driven by the spirit of invention. It starts with our ambitions and it’s there in the way we develop our technology. We are proud to be disruptive and always challenging the status-quo, because real innovation happens when we test, trial, learn, explore, improve, and ultimately grow.

Build a Great Team and You Can Build Anything…


Technological leadership is a huge part of our mission. We’re striving to be the first to deliver brand new solutions that help our customers achieve their goals. We know that to get there, we have to not be afraid to lead from the front – as role models and pioneers in the industry, as partners, and as employers.

Build a Great Team and You Can Build Anything…


Being inclusive, open, honest, and respectful is what will help us succeed as individuals and as a team. At every point of contact withing the team or with customers, partners, and stakeholders, we aim to be clear in our communications, to deliver on our commitments, and we task ourselves with always aiming to do the right thing for the benefit of everyone.

How Hard Can It Be?

That’s the question we ask ourselves whenever a problem needs solving. #HHCIB is our company mantra and it reflects the positive culture and drive that thrives within the team. Guided by our company mantra and values, our team is developing technology that is changing the way the world consumes interactive 3D applications in gaming and beyond. There will be tough problems to solve along the way – but how hard can it be?

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Our commitment to diversity

Diversity is one of our greatest ongoing goals and at Polystream. We work in an open plan environment where everyone is encouraged and empowered to share and develop ideas and solutions to the hardest problems, and where your contribution is always considered to be of value. We aim to be the change we want to see.

Our diversity pledge states:

  • For open positions; we will not make a hire until we are satisfied that we have sourced and interviewed a diverse range of candidates, no matter how long this takes.
  • At the office: we will remain conscious of creating a workspace that works for everyone and offers our whole team the facilities they need to be happy, healthy and productive at work.
  • At events; we will be proactive in sharing any opportunity with a diverse range of voices, and are willing to give up our slot on any stage to encourage this to happen. We will only attend events where our team feels our attendance will add value to our diversity pledge.

Empowering You

Based in the #SiliconSheds of Guildford (recognised as the UK’s Hollywood of Games), our office is 20 minutes out of London by train, only 3 minutes walk from the train station, and 5 minutes walk from the town centre.

At Polystream we have created a great package of benefits to fit around your life and your commitments. From health care and pension contributions, to flexible working practices and remote working, we want Polystream to also work for you.

Onsite, we have great coffee, soft drinks, fresh fruits, ice cream, and bagels, as well as regular game nights, charity events, Guildford Games Community events and initiatives, family BBQs and so much more.