Be remembered as part of the team that changed the cloud forever.

Every day, we're resetting the boundaries of what's possible.

Our culture and vision is defined by finding better ways to create and deliver new technologies, some we haven't even invented the words for yet!

After all, how hard can it be? #HHCIB

Polystream Life

Join a team that's excited to work at the front line of a revolution,
changing how 3D interactive content gets delivered worldwide.

Seeking Platform Engineering Superstars

This team is building a global cloud infrastructure at a scale so unprecedented that it’s almost hard to believe it could be real. This team lives on the edge; we’re talking high-performance multi-threaded code and the thrill of developing Micro Services in Kubernetes and Docker.

Graphics and Performance Gurus Wanted

Anyone can stream a game, but this team can do it for hundreds of thousands of people at the same time, wherever they are in the world. They dream about low-level programming in C and C++ and are the tuners of high-performance code, squeezing the most out of every cycle. They tackle concurrency, multi-threading and multi-core whilst grappling with graphics pipelines in D3D and Vulkan, all before breakfast!

Business and Marketing Maestros Step Forward

There’s knowing how to safely deliver success, and then there’s working out how to tell the whole world about a new way of cloud gaming that we haven’t even invented all the words for yet. This team lives in the future, cutting through the noise, challenging the status quo, relentlessly remoulding and shaping the whats, and the whys, and the hows.

Jarl Ostensen

Meet our Director of Engineering

Jarl is the Director of Engineering for Streamer Technology at Polystream, leading the research and delivery behind Polystream’s unique streaming technology. Prior to joining Polystream in 2016, Jarl lead the Service and Technology organisation at Microsoft’s Lionhead Studios, lead Mobile Technology at Supermassive, and has helped deliver many great and successful games at Electronic Arts, all the way back to working at the fabled Bullfrog Studios, creators of Theme Park World and the Dungeon Keeper series.

Adam Billyard

Meet our CTO

Publishing his first game aged seventeen, leading to his chart topping 3D racing game ‘ElektraGlide’, Adam is an iconic figure in the games industry.

His background is impressive (CTO PlayJam, EATech CTO Electronic Arts) but what really sets him apart is his commitment to his team and delivering the impossible and generally just being a really nice guy - unless you beat him at Williams Defender.

Cheryl Razzell

Meet our Director of Platform and Live Ops
Cheryl joined Polystream to run our platform and live ops team.  This is her first start-up role having earned her stripes at some of the worlds most successful large organisations including BBC, Apple, News UK and Microsoft.  Most recently, she worked for HSBC on their digital transformation programme enabling the use of cloud technology to improve the digital journeys for HSBC's global retail bank customers.  She's excited to be in this new fast-paced environment where she can take her 20 years of experience and put it to play.
On a personal note, Cheryl is incredibly passionate about how to encourage more women to join the industry.  An active member of the women in tech community, she has faced issues herself and in response has committed herself to work from within to make it a more appealing industry for people from all backgrounds to join and be successful!

Meet Us in Person

Find out where we will be appearing next, and where you can meet the team to hear our story.

Build a Great Team and You Can Build Anything…

We are driven by the spirit of invention. It starts with our ambitions and it’s there in the way we develop our technology. We are proud to be disruptive and always challenging the status-quo, because real innovation happens when we test, trial, learn, explore, improve, and ultimately grow.

Our Commitment to Diversity

We aim to be part of the change we want to see. We don’t just talk diversity, we're actively driving our diversity programme.Our diversity pledge:

- For open positions; we will not make a hire until we are satisfied that we have sourced and interviewed a diverse range of candidates, no matter how long this takes.

- At the office: we will remain conscious of creating a workspace that works for everyone and offers our whole team the facilities they need to be happy, healthy and productive at work.

- At events; we will be proactive in sharing any opportunity with a diverse range of voices, and are willing to give up our slot on any stage to encourage this to happen. We will only attend events where our team feels our attendance will add value to our diversity pledge.

Building a Great Place to Work

We love our offices here in Guildford, located around 20 mins outside of London, and make sure it's a place you really want to spend your day:

  • Great coffee
  • Unlimited soft drinks, snacks, fruit, ice-cream and don’t forget the bagels
  • Bring your beloved pooch to work
  • Feel part of the family, with regular game nights, charity events, BBQs and so much more.
We believe in making sure our Polystreamers are treated well and we’ve created a great package of benefits to fit around your life (not normally found at all start-ups) like:
  • Healthcare
  • Pension Contributions
  • Flexible Working
  • Remote Working
  • Games Aid
  • Initial Capital
  • London Venture
  • Microsoft Accelerator
  • UKIE
  • White Space
  • Intel Capital
  • Lauder
  • Wargaming
  • Epic Mega Grants

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